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Purr Perfume - Katy Perry

Purr by Katy Perry, is the singer's first celebrity fragrance launched November 2010 by Gigantic Perfumes. Available in 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml EDP and body products. "I really wanted to develop a scent that was completely unlike anything I'd smelled before and not one that smelled like a knockoff of another scent," says Katy Perry.

Katy Perry, Purr Perfume Purr Perfume, Katy Perry
Perfume House
Gigantic Parfums
Scent Classification
Floral Fruity
Fragrance Notes
Top -- Peach Nectar, Forbidden Apple
Heart -- Jasmine Blossom, Bulgarian Rose, Vanilla Orchid
Base -- Creamy Sandalwood, Musk
Package Designer
Print Campaign
Miles Aldridge
TV Campaign
Website Preview
Purr website, Katy Perry

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Purr by Katy Perry perfume
Purr by Katy Perry Perfume
Katy Perry (Elle, Feb 2011)
Purr Perfume, Katy Perry
Katy Perry Purr Perfume Launch Nov 2010
Katy Perry
Purr by Katy Perry, celebrity perfumes
Purr by Katy Perry, InStyle Feb 2011
Katy Perry

InStyle Magazine - February 2011

Beauty Talk: Katy Perry by Patricia Tortolani

"Tell us about your new fragrance, Purr: I'm a big fan of gardenias, but I wanted the scent to be unique, so we added coconut and jasmine. It's not as sugary as what I wore when I was younger, and not as concentrated as the stuff you smell on older women.

"So it's purr-fext for you right now? Yes! I love the play on words. I wanted to name the perfume All Things Cute because the bottle is so adorable, but we went with my love for kittens instead."

Purr by Katy Perry eau de parfum $65/3.4 oz.; nordstrom.com.

InStyle magazine: www.instyle.com

Tortolani, Patricia. "Beauty Talk." InStyle Feb. 2011: 154.
Purr by Katy Perry, Seventeen
Purr by Katy Perry, Seventeen Feb 2011
Katy Perry

Seventeen Magazine - February 2011

Who's Your Scent Soul Mate? by meredith gray

"Playful like Katy Perry: Pick a scent that's as adventurous as you are! Unique notes like bamboo mixed with bubbly apple and girly freesia will show everyone how much fun it is to be around you. Try: Purr by Katy Perry Eau de Parfum, $45 for 1.7oz., Nordstrom."

[others: Because of You by Jordin Sparks, Heat Rush by Beyonce, Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna]

Seventeen magazine: www.seventeen.com
Purr by Katy Perry, Cosmo
Purr by Katy Perry, Cosmo Feb 2011
Katy Perry

Cosmopolitan Magazine - February 2011

Cosmo Promo

"Purr: Katy Perry's signature scent Purr comes in a cat-shaped bottle, complete with jeweled eyes, metallic accents and opulent lavender coloring. The perfume, like Perry herself, is playful yet sophisticated. Katy Perry transcends barriers with her music and so does her new fragrance, Purr. Available at all Nordstrom locations. katyperrybeauty.com"

Cosmopolitan magazine: www.cosmopolitan.com
Katy Perry Purr Fragrance, Marie Claire
Katy Perry Purr - Marie Claire Jan 2011
Katy Perry

Marie Claire Magazine - January 2011

In the Bag: Katy Perry by Jeffery Westbrook
"Katy Perry, the retro-fabulous Teenage Dream pop star - and newlywed! - shares the colorful items she can't hit the road without."

Purr by Katy Perry perfume: "I wanted this scent to be fresh but not as light as a spritzer and not so concentrated that one squirt would knock people out. This is perfect - as you walk by, you leave a trail of mystery."

Marie Claire magazine: www.marieclaire.com
Purr by Katy Perry, fragrance launch
Purr by Katy Perry Fragrance Launch
Katy Perry
Purr Perfume, Katy Perry
Katy Perry Purr Perfume
Katy Perry
Purr Perfume, Katy Perry
Purr Perfume, Katy Perry
Katy Perry

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