Britney Spears Naked Fantasy

Naked Fantasy by Britney Spears is a new floral fruity gourmand perfume that invites you to "bare your beauty." The follow up fragrance to latest year's Blissful Fantasy edition, this "uninhibited" perfume was created by Givaudan perfumer Olivier Gillotin with top notes of citrus, blackcurrant, and apple cider. The heart is a blend of peaches, osmanthus flower, and waterlily. The signature base is crafted of an apricot cupcake accord, creamy vanilla, and sensual musk.

The iconic Fantasy perfume bottle is updated with a frosted blush peach finish and is available in September 2022 as an eau de toilette spray from Elizabeth Arden, Inc.

Naked Fantasy Perfume, Britney Spears
Celebrity Britney Spears
Perfume House Elizabeth Arden Perfumes
Introduced 2022
Scent Classification Fruity Floral Gourmand
Fragrance Notes Top - Citrus, blackcurrant, apple cider
Heart - Peach, osmanthus, water lily
Base - Apricot cupcake accord, vanilla, musk
Perfumer Olivier Gillotin
Package Designer Original Fantasy perfume bottle with a frosted peach finish and silver accents.
Print Campaign Model - Britney Spears
TV Campaign --

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Britney Spears for Naked Fantasy - Celebrity Fragrance

What does Britney Spears Naked Fantasy perfume smell like?

A fruity floral gourmand scent typically includes citrus top notes, a floral heart, with a dry down of decadent sweetness, and Naked Fantasy by Britney Spears follows suit. The latest celebrity perfume opens with energizing and zesty citrus notes, a tangy fruity blackcurrant, with a hint of spicy apple cider. The fruity floral heart includes lush peaches, the delicate apricot floralcy of osmanthus petals, and the lemon tart sweetness of water lilies. The base notes linger with a sensual musk, the iconic Fantasy staple of a yummy sweet cupcake accord blending into delicious notes of vanilla.

Let's Compare Naked Fantasy and Britney Spears Fantasy Perfumes

Naked Fantasy
Scent - Fruity Floral Gourmand
Britney Spears Naked Fantasy perfume bottle
Top - Citrus, blackcurrant, apple cider
Heart - Peach, osmanthus, water lily
Base - Apricot cupcake, vanilla, musk
Scent - Floral Fruity
Britney Spears Fantasy perfume bottle
Top - Lychee, golden quince, kiwi
Heart - Jasmine, white chocolate
Base - Orris root, musk, woods

This feminine fragrance was crafted by Givaudan's senior perfumer Olivier Gillotin. He was the recipient of the American Society of Perfumer's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022, in recognition of his work in perfumery at Givaudan, a global leader in fragrance, for over 20 years. In addition to designing Britney Spears Fantasy fragrances, Gillotin has created other celebrity perfumes including, Beyonce Heat with Claude Dir, Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds with Carlos Benaim, Faith Hill Soul 2 Soul Vintage, Halle Berry Reveal the Passion, Mariah Carey perfume Forever, Sean John Unforgivable Electric, and Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume.

Since 2004, the Britney Spears fragrance line has been licensed by Elizabeth Arden, Inc., an American cosmetics, skincare and fragrance company, acquired by Revlon in 2016. At the time of it's release, Britney Spears Naked Fantasy perfume was being sold in the U.S. from Elizabeth Arden through the Amazon Britney Spears Fragrance store.

From the manufacturer:

Britney Spears™ Naked Fantasy
An uninhibited fragrance created for the woman who is not afraid to be a little bit naughty.

A FREE-SPIRITED REVEAL Be inspired to bare it all and let your true beauty shine from the inside out.

A SIMPLY SEXY BOTTLE Tempting hues of frosted peach and sparkling, iridescent crystals evoke the feeling of lingerie on velvety smooth skin.

LUSCIOUS NOTES This sexy & sparkling, floral fruity eau de toilette blends creamy Peach, irresistible Osmanthus Flower and addictive Musk.

A DELICIOUS SIGNATURE Embody Britney’s heart, humor & confidence for a long-lasting sensation of sexy, soft skin & free-spirited sensuality.

Britney Spears Naked Fantasy
Eau de Toilette Spray for Women (3.3 oz. for $34.99, 1 oz. for $20.20)
SCENT - Floral, fruity
Manufacturer: Elizabeth Arden, Inc.

Fantasy is freedom – real & unfiltered. Discover the sensation of baring it all with this limited-edition, enveloping scent, inspired by Britney’s empowering confidence, open heart & cheeky humor. Unveil your inner sparkle, feel comfortable in your skin & let your true beauty shine from the inside out. Designed for the free-spirited woman, like Britney, who is not afraid to be a little naughty. It’s time to own your sensuality, you’ve got nothing to hide ¬– after all, the naked truth can be just peachy! Naked fantasy, the uninhibited new fragrance by Britney Spears™. Bare your beauty. Sexy, sparkling & cheeky, this Floral Fruity Gourmand eau de toilette evokes the sensual feeling of lingerie on soft, bare skin. The fragrance opens with an irresistible introduction of juicy Citrus, Black Currant & Apple Cider. Luscious notes of creamy Peach, Osmanthus Flower & Water Lily wrap you in an embrace. Delicious Apricot Cupcake Accord, Vanilla & Musk leave a lasting cloud of deep, addictive warmth.

(Source:, 02/26/2023)

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