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About Dessert Beauty - Celebrity Perfumes

Jessica Simpson and Randi Shinder of D'lish Fragrances, teamed up to launch Dessert Beauty. The first-ever kissable, tasteable fragrance and body care collection was launched in April 2004. The official Site was (no longer in use, line is discontinued).

Dessert Treats Fragrance and Body Care Products

"you wear it... ...then share it
Dessert girls aren't afraid to heat it up, shake it up, be a flirt, put it out there and flaunt it. They're full of sweetness and desire and they don't mind getting their hair a little messed up in the name of seduction. Dessert girls are warm and golden, luscious and radiant, tempting and decadent. They like to look good, feel good and smell good too. Dessert girls are just plain yummy.

Be a hottie. Have Dessert. Fresh, flirty & exotic totally inspired by the Island Girl in me. Warm Tahitian vanilla, luscious white chocolate, coconut cream, apricot & honey."

(Source: Dessert Beauty at, 03/28/2010)

Dessert Beauty Products

Dessert Beauty co-founders, Randi Shinder and superstar Jessica Simpson, joined forces to form one of the sweetest collaborations in beauty: A unique line of lickable, kissable products that taste as good as they look. From its playful packaging to scrumptious scents and oh-so-tempting names, Dessert Beauty has successfully managed to grab the beauty market by every single one of its senses. The first of its kind, Dessert Beauty serves up sweet treats like Whipped Body Creams, Lip Glosses, and Powdered Sugar Body Shimmers that let you surrender to your sweet tooth - minus the calories and carbs.

(Source: Dessert Beauty at, 03/28/2010)

Taste Delicious Perfume

The newest addition to the Dessert Beauty Collection, Taste is superstar Jessica Simpson's own personal fragrance creation. With notes of Tahitian vanilla, white chocolate, coconut cream, and honey, it's a unique and decadent combination of the most desirable flavors to create the most indulgent fragrance experience. Sexy girls want a Taste.

(Source: Dessert Beauty at, 03/28/2010)

Dessert Treats Edible Cosmetics

Dessert Treats by Jessica Simpson is a line of edible cosmetics. Products in this range contain lipglosses, whipped body cream, Fragrances, sugar shimmer, hair and body mist, body frosting, shampoo and body wash. Wear it then share it.

Jessica Simpson Dessert Treats Perfume

Dessert Treats - Original flavors:

  • Banana Split is light and breezy. An irresistible combination of tropical banana and whipped cream, for the beach babe in you.
  • Bubble Gum is playful and fun. A juicy combination, for the flirt in you.
  • Butterscotch Toffee is smooth and creamy. A sinfully decadent buttery caramel treat, for the sultry side in you.
  • Candy is tempting and playful, the perfect harmony of sugar and spice. Inviting for anyone who wants to move in a little closer.
  • Cotton Candy is pink and sweet. A perfect melody of sugar and candy for the kitten in you.
  • Creamsicle is cool and confident. A refreshing orange and vanilla combination chilled to perfection, for the ski bunny in you.
  • Cupcake is flirtatious and fun, the perfect melody of sweetness and frosting.
  • Lollipop is wild and daring. A bold and passionate fruity blend, for the sexy girl in you.

Dessert Beauty - Seasonal Treats flavors:

  • Vanilla Ice Cream is sweet, rich and creamy. A soft vanilla indulgence.
  • Cinnamon Hearts is passionate and flavorful. An irresistible combination of vanilla and cinnamon spice.
  • Peppermint Swirl is cool and sweet. The perfect melody of sweet cherry and peppermint.

Dessert Beauty - Tropical Treats flavors:

  • Kiss Me Kiwi: Tropical raindrops and bits of sunripened kiwi make this clear gloss radiate. Creates instant heavy dewy crystal lips that taste as good as they look!
  • Koo-Koo For Coconut: Like Bermuda sand that glistens in the sun, this sheer tanned pink gloss will whisk you away to your own private island with the taste and smell of wild coconut. You’ll be Koo-Koo for Coconut after just one swoop!
  • Maui Mango: Tango with this Mango and glow golden! A fiesta of coral shine and sun-kissed glitter gives your lips the look and taste of freshly fallen mangos on a hot Hawaiian day.
  • Passion Fruit Princess: Be a Royal Heartbreaker! Slip on this magenta gloss that glitters like an opalescent amethyst. Its zingy passion fruit flavor will transport you to a sand castle fit for a fiery princess!
  • Pink Pineapple: Move over Pink Grapefruit! Pink Pineapple packs a playful punch of sheer fuchsia with so much shine it'll blow your mind! Pineapple never tasted so yummy and never looked so pink!
  • Trya-My-Papaya: A delightful squeeze of paradise, this baby pink gloss glides on super sheer to deliver a burst of sparkle that tastes and smells just like juicy ripe papaya. Once you Trya-My-Papaya, you'll never want any other!
  • Hula Girl Fragrance: Spritz this mix of tasty tropical fruit and strut your stuff Hula Girl Style! Mouthwatering and kissable, this exotic blend of coconut, banana, and mango will surely stir up an appetite for fun in the sun! Make the party last and layer over Jessica's Hula Girl Body Lotion.
  • Hula Girl Body Lotion: HuLaLa! This thick n' creamy exotic blend of coconut, banana and mango dissolves instantly for deliciously dewy skin! Make the Luau last by layering this Hawaiian treat with Jessica's Hula Girl Fragrance.

(Source: Jessica Simpson Endorsements at, 03/28/2010)

Media and Press - Dessert Beauty

Dessert Beauty: Randi Shinder and Jessica Simpson unveil the glosses and scrubs of a kissable, lickable fragrance and body care collection

Jessica Simpson Dessert Beauty Randi Shinder

Jessica Simpson paired with Dlish Fragrance's Randi Shinder to create a kissable, tasteable fragrance and body care line, Dessert Beauty. Launching in April, Dessert Beauty will initiate a groundbreaking new category in the competitive cosmetic marketplace. Designed for women who love to look good, feel good, and smell good too, the extensive collection will launch with thirteen luxurious products.

Packed with natural oils, esters, and shea butter, the scintillating collection includes: Hair and Body Mist, Whipped Body Creams, Sweet Butter Creams, Powdered Sugar Body Shimmers, Blushing Creams, Plumping Lip Fragrance Glosses, Hot Body Toppings, Bath Bubbles, Belly Button Fragrances, Sugar Scrubs, Body Glosses, and Body Shakes.

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey at Dessert Treats launch party

"I can't wait to unveil Dessert to the world this month. I was especially interested in delving into this new project with Randi because every time Nick would kiss my lips or skin, he would taste my lipstick, body lotion, and perfume — and hate it. Now, he will only taste the sweet flavors of Juicy, Creamy, Dreamy," says Jessica Simpson, co-creator of Dessert Beauty. "Dessert embodies a sense of confidence and playfulness that is sure to relate to women everywhere. You'll feel as delicious as you'll smell."

"It has been such a pleasure working with Jessica to create this innovative collection of kissable, tasteable beauty products. She has been extremely dedicated to making the line both fun and practical for consumers," states Randi Shinder, co-creator of Dessert Beauty. "From the conception to testing the products to the launch, Jessica's hands-on involvement has been invaluable to the launch of the brand."

Dessert is unlike any scent experience you've had before. It's sensual, seductive and it smells provocatively delicious. Dessert's mission is to make you completely kissable and impossible to resist. So spray it on, and invite someone you really like to move in close.

Dessert Treats Edible Cosmetics by Jessica Simpson
Dessert Treats edible cosmetics line by Jessica Simpson

Deliciously Kissable Hair and Body Mist: Spritz it on your hair, shoulders, arms or decolletage for a little shimmer and subtle sweetness — even if you've been up and out all night. This is a big helping of Dessert, so be generous. And make sure to share with someone you really like.

Deliciously Kissable Whipped Body Cream with Candy Sprinkles: Rich and creamy, super-whipped, and full of things your skin loves, this delicious body smoother tastes as good as it smells. Slather it on yourself or a friend to be completely smoochable and delectable. The sprinkles? Well they're just for fun. Just decorate and dig in.

Deliciously Kissable Sweet Butter: A little butter makes everything better. Our sweet and sensuous body butter has all the richness Dessert girls crave. It's luscious and creamy and packed with all the ingredients you need for a soft, smooth, and totally irresistible skin.

Powdered Sugar Deliciously Kissable Body Shimmer: For a subtle and seductive all-over shimmer. Deliciously scented, this body powder is completely kissable. Fluff it on shoulders, arms or decolletage to attract a little extra attention.

Sweet Cheeks Deliciously Kissable Blushing Cream: Dessert girls like to look a little flushed. Get that glow with a sweet twist. Our shimmery, seductive shades smell as gorgeous as they look.

Deliciously Kissable Plumping Lip Fragrance Gloss: This is the cosmetic equivalent of really gorgeous lingerie. Slip it on and lips tingle and plump up.

Delicious Kissable Hot Body Topping: If there's one thing Dessert girls love, it's a long and languorous massage, so we've cooked up the perfect treat to smooth things along. Our new body topping is silky, sensuous, and kissably luscious. Run your fingers over it at first and it's firm and rich, but add a little heat, and it melts into your body to smooth you out, soften you up and raise your pulse. And it smells as fantastic as it feels.

Sweet Soak Kissable Bath Bubbles: This rich and creamy bath foam smells just divine. Pour into hot water, slip in, and let someone special wash your back.

Kissable Belly Button Love Fragrance: A new concept in scent for the belly button. Daring and deliciously kissable, this roll-on fragrance is fully charged with sweetness to guarantee attraction.

Kissable Sugar Scrub: Just slather on this luscious indulgence and polish your way to smoother, softer, more radiant skin. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive types, our soothing recipe combines sugar cane crystals and a rich and creamy hydrating base for the ultimate pampering treat.

Chocolicious Shimmer Body Gloss: Indulge in our luscious, chocoholics-dream-come-true body gloss. It's subtly flecked with gorgeous gold, so shimmer it onto shoulders, cheekbones, and decolletage, to draw a little welcome attention.

Kissable Body Shake: Deliciously good for you. This vitamin and protein-powered super cocktail for your skin smooths on soft and sweet to leave you dewy and glowing. Like a luscious smoothie, its texture is light and fresh, but it's packed with every nutritious, fabulous, craving-inducing treat your skin has been thirsting for. Tropical coconut oil, decadent shea butter, skin-firming proteins, and a whole alphabet of vitamins guarantee a divinely smooth, thoroughly quenched, completely embraceable you.

From April to June 2004, Dessert Beauty will be available online at Dessert Beauty and at Sephora stores nationwide. Outside of the United States, Dessert will be available at Holt Renfrew in Canada.

April 26, 2004

(Source: Jessica Simpson Desset Beauty at, 03/28/2010)

Sweet Kisses Jessica Simpson : Delicious beauty collection features flavored scents, hair shimmer, lip plumping gloss, and body frosting

Jessica Simpson Sweet Kisses

Sweet Kisses is a new signature beauty collection available at Wal-Mart in October. This scented and flavored beauty and body care collection captures megastar Jessica Simpson's sweet nature. Designed for women who aspire to Jessica Simpson's charisma, the product delivers beauty and body benefits.

The packaging features an image of the star in a cream-color dress as well as an imprint of her autograph on each product, making every piece a special and personalized treat. Sweet Kisses will include four of Jessica Simpson's favorite products which are part of her own daily beauty regimen: Deliciously Kissable Pure Flavored Fragrances, Deliciously Kissable Hair and Body Shimmer Mist, Deliciously Kissable Shimmer Body Frosting, and Deliciously Kissable Lip Fragrance Plumping Gloss. Sweet Kisses will launch with an exclusive gift set, which will include a fragrance and body frosting.

A head-to-toe coat of glistening shine, the micro-fine hair and body shimmer mist illuminates skin and hair with an irresistibly lighter layer of shimmer.

Rich body cream smooths, soothes, and silkens every inch of skin while leaving behind a delicate glimmer of shine that tastes and smells as delicious as it looks.

The translucent plumping lip gloss plumps, softens, and shines for sweet, flavor-full, deliciously kissable lips.

Housed in a pretty, pre-packed gift set pouch, this tantalizing trio of all three Sweet Kisses lip glosses is the perfect treat.

Vanilla Cupcake is a luscious and buttery, fresh baked, vanilla cake flavored scent. Creme Brulee is mellow-smooth, sweet-cream and caramelized sugar. Strawberry Sorbet is a juicy sweet, succulent, bursting-ripe-berry flavor.

September 27, 2005

(Source: Jessica Simpson Sweet Kisses at, 03/28/2010)

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