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Kylie Jenner (born 10 Aug 1997 in Los Angeles, California), is an American media personality, businesswoman, model and socialite. She is the sister of model Kendall Jenner, and half-sister of the famous Kardashian's Kim Kardashian West, Khloe, and Kourtney. She starred in the E! TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Jenner is the founder and owner of Kylie Cosmetics, of which beauty powerhouse Coty purchased 51% of in 2019. Kylie launched her first set of fragrances in partnership with her sister Kim's KKW Fragrance company in 2019.

Kylie Jenner Fragrances

Red Lips Fragrance, Kylie Jenner

Red Lips - Kylie Jenner fragrance

Red Lips perfume by Kylie Jenner is a new white floral fragrance for women. Part of the "Lips" trio of perfumers created by Kylie...

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Pink Lips Fragrance, Kylie Jenner

Pink Lips - Kylie Jenner fragrance

Pink Lips by Kylie Jenner is a new floral gourmand fragrance. One of three fragrances in the new "Lips" celebrity perfume set launched in...

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Nude Lips Fragrance, Kylie Jenner

Nude Lips - Kylie Jenner fragrance

Nude Lips by Kylie Jenner is a new vanilla amber musk fragrance. This celebrity perfume is one of the "Lips" perfume trio, created by...

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Kylie Jenner Fragrance Website

Kylie Jenner Official Fragrance Site

Kylie Jenner official website for his celebrity fragrance collection.

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