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Kate Moss, celebrity perfume

Kate Moss, celebrity perfumes.

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Vintage Perfume, Kate Moss

Vintage - Kate Moss perfume

"Vintage, a fruit floriental, is a modern take on a true classic fragrance." Vintage Perfume by Kate Moss, her fourth celebrity fragrance launched September...

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Kate Summer Time Perfume, Kate Moss

Kate Summer Time - Kate Moss perfume

"Wild flowers blossom under the Sunlight...Discover Kate's radiant aura at Summer Time." Summer Time is a sparkling and fresh Floral Bouquet. "Summer Time embodies the...

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Velvet Hour Perfume, Kate Moss

Velvet Hour - Kate Moss perfume

"Embrace the Night." Velvet Hour is a mysterious, seductive and rich Woody Floral. "The fragrance conjours up that special moment when night time comes and...

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Kate Moss Perfume, Kate Moss

Kate Moss - Kate Moss perfume

"Feminine, glamourous, wild and unforgettable... A mix of elegant and risque." Kate is a multifaceted and memorable floral woody musk. The print campaign was shot...

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Kate Moss Perfume Website

Kate Moss Official Perfume Site

Kate Moss official website for her celebrity perfume collection.

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