Ashley Judd Beloved Moments

"Live in the moment," Ashley Judd. Beloved Moments perfume inspired by Ashley Judd from American Beauty. A luscious bouquet of fresh flowers. A celebration of happiness and nature. Surround yourself in white lilies and dewy greens, and embrace all the Beloved Moments in life.

Ashley Judd, Beloved Moments Perfume Beloved Moments Perfume, Ashley Judd
Celebrity Ashley Judd
Perfume House America Beauty Cosmetics
Introduced 2009
Scent Classification Floral
Fragrance Notes White Lily, Dewy Green Notes
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Perfume Collection

Beloved Moments Perfume
Beloved Moments Perfume
Eau de Parfum Spray
50 ml
over $30

Beloved Moments Gift Set
Beloved Moments Gift Set
Eau de Parfum & Lotion
50 ml & 2.5 oz lotion
over $30

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