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Kylie Minogue, celebrity perfume

Kylie Minogue, celebrity perfumes.

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Couture Perfume, Kylie Minogue

Couture - Kylie Minogue perfume

"Dare to wear." A sparkling and stylish floral musky fragrance which embodies modernity and elegance. "Like most women, I'm passionate about fashion and style, whether...

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Showtime Perfume, Kylie Minogue

Showtime - Kylie Minogue perfume

"The World is Your Stage." A striking, feminine, lingering, fruity-floral scent for a free-spirited woman who loves life, sensuality and seduction. "This fragrance is all...

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Sexy Darling Perfume, Kylie Minogue

Sexy Darling - Kylie Minogue perfume

Sexy Darling's sensuality starts with a mouth-watering pear note. It's heart is built around the natural floral sexiness of the exotic beel de nuit flower...

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Sweet Darling Perfume, Kylie Minogue

Sweet Darling - Kylie Minogue perfume

Sweet Darling is an oriental gurmand scent that radiates sensuality. ...

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Darling Perfume, Kylie Minogue

Darling - Kylie Minogue perfume

A sensual, floral bouquet. "Through this fragrance, I wanted to express today's women multi-faceted personality. We can be playful, adveturous, serious, funny and sexy and...

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