Tim McGraw McGraw Silver

McGraw Silver is the third celebrity fragrance by country singer Tim McGraw. The woody fougere scent was introduced in 2010 by Coty, Inc. Available in 1.0 oz EDT ($24.50) and 1.7 oz EDT ($31.50). "Where down home meets downtown."

Tim McGraw, McGraw Silver Cologne McGraw Silver Cologne, Tim McGraw
Celebrity Tim McGraw
Perfume House Coty, Inc.
Introduced 2010
Scent Classification Woody Fougere
Fragrance Notes Watery Aromatic, Green Leaves, Saquoia Wood, Lavender, Orange Flower, Vetiver, Musk, Sandalwood, Saffron
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Tim McGraw Silver Fragrance
Tim McGraw - McGraw Silver Cologne

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Glamour Magazine - February 2011
Tim McGraw Silver

Beauty Dos: DO get him to switch scents. Secretly hate his go-to fragrance? Valentine's is a good excuse to pick a new one for him. Two you'll both love: McGraw Silver ($25 for 1 oz., Walmart) and Dior La Collection Christian Dior Vetiver ($225 for 8.5 oz., dior.com).

("Beauty Q&A: Beauty Dos." Glamour Feb. 2011: 63)

McGraw Silver by Tim McGraw, Cosmo
Cosmopolitan Magazine - January 2011
McGraw Silver

Men vs. Women Studly Scents - Beauty, His Picks
Men's fragrances are enlisting celeb spokesmen to entice guys - and their girls - to pony up for a bottle. Via a cosmopolitan.com poll, we asked dudes which of these hotties they'd most want to smell like - then asked women who they'd prefer. The sexes were in agreement on the number one contender.

Matthew McConaughey D&G The One Gentleman, $73 - Men 47% | Women 49%

Tim McGraw McGraw Silver, $24.50 - Men 17% | Women 22%

Andy Roddick Lacoste Challenge, $50 - Men 20% | Women 15%

Clive Owen Bulgari Man, $79 - Men 16% | Women 14%

("Beauty: His Picks." Cosmopolitan. Jan. 2011)

Tim McGraw Silver Fragrance, Redbook
Redbook Magazine - October 2010
Tim McGraw Silver Fragrance, Redbook Oct 2010

Sense of Moment - 30 Days of Beauty (Fragrance)
Scent can instantly stir a memory or create a mood. Maybe that's because our sense of smell is more sensitive than any other...the latest scents to give and get, 30 tips and truths to inspire you - or your man - to build a fragrance wardrobe to fit any moment. ... Give him a fragrance that suits both his "downtown" and "down home" sides - like McGraw Silver...25. Capture his cool, sophisticated personality with the watery aromatics and green leaves found in McGraw Silver.

Others: Halle by Halle Berry, Celine Dion Pure Brilliance, Faith Hill True, Stetson

("Sense of Moment." Redbook. Oct. 2010)

McGraw Silver by Tim McGraw, Marie Claire
Marie Claire Magazine - October 2010
Tim McGraw McGraw Silver

Making Scents for Men - Beauty
Not a fan of his bold cologne? Ning Chao reveals how to stage a fragrance intervention - for him.

Man Power: McGraw Silver, $24.50.

Others: Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme, Antonio Banderas The Secret, Dolce & Gabbana The One Gentleman; (the way he wore it...2005: Sean John Unforgivable (Black)

(Chao, Ning. "Beauty: Making Scents for Men." Marie Claire. Oct. 2010)

More Cologne Info

McGraw Silver by Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw Silver is a fragrance that captures Tim's core: gallant yet sensual, clean cut yet rugged. An alluring woody fougere with top notes of watery aromatics and green leaves, the complex formula includes mid notes of lavender and orange flower with a warm, seductive base of vetiver, musk, sandalwood and saffron.

Watery Aromatic - McGraw Silver opens with a watery aromatic note that gives the fragrance an aquatic freshness right from the beginning.
Green Leaves - Crushed and crunchy green leaves add to the alfresco vibe of the fragrance with their damp greenness, evoking the invigorating sensation of nature and the great outdoors.

Sequoia Wood - Rare Sequoia Wood lends a majestic and powerful heart to the fragrance that is as enchanting as the giant redwood trees from which it is sources. It is the perfect complement to the natural essence of the fragrance.
Lavender - Aromatic notes of lavender give the fragrance nostalgic feeling that both soothes the spirit and arouses the senses with its intensely fragrant scent.
Orange Flower - Cruisp notes of Orange Flower bring lightness to the fragrance with a slightly sweet floralcy and a soft powdery effect.

Vetiver - Vetiver carried the natural essence of McGraw Silver to the heart of the fragrance with a pleasant, damp earthiness and slight green undertones.
Musk - The Musk component of the fragrance is what gives McGraw Silver its raw sensuality. These skin-loving musky notes are delightfully sensuous and long-lasting.
Sandalwood - Creamy Sandalwood finishes off the fragrance with a lasting woody effect that gives McGraw Silver that warm, easy feeling.
Saffron - Warm notes of piquant Saffron complement the woody aspects of the fragrance and infuse richness in the base.

(Source: timmcgrawfragrances.com - 01/11)

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