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My Life by Mary J Blige, is the singer's debut celebrity fragrance, launched July 31, 2010 by Carol's Daughter and sold exclusively on HSN. Available in 1.7 oz EDP and matching body products. "A captivating fragrance evoking intrique, complexity, confidence and warmth."

Mary J Blige, My Life Perfume My Life Perfume, Mary J Blige
Celebrity Mary J Blige
Perfume House Carol's Daughter
Introduced 2010
Scent Classification Fruity Floral
Fragrance Notes Top - Gardenia Petals, Bartlett Pear, White Freesia
Heart - Tuberose, Jasmine, Golden Lily, Apricot Blossom
Base - Cashmere Woods, Praline, Sesame, Incense
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Package Designer --
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My Life website, Mary J Blige

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My Life Perfume Mary J Blige
My Life Perfume Mary J Blige
Eau de Parfum Spray
over $30

My Life Perfume Rollerball
My Life Perfume Rollerball
under $30

My Life Body Lotion
My Life Body Lotion
Body Lotion
over $30

My Life Body Cream
My Life Body Cream
Body Cream
over $30

My Life Shower Cream
My Life Shower Cream
Shower Gel
under $30

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My Life Perfume, Mary J Blige
My Life Mary J Blige Perfume

Fragrance Editorials

My Life Perfume, Mary J Blige, Elle
Elle Magazine - January 2011
Mary J. Blige My Life Fragrance

Beauty Insider: High Note
After a career of number one songs, Mary J. Blige creates her latest record-breaking hit: a fragrance inspired by her personal journey.

She may be best known for her soulful, R&B chart-topping singles or her nine Grammy Awards and 13 albums, but New York native Mary J. Blige is quickly making a name for herself in another art form: fragrance. Her debut perfume, names after he autobiographical 1994 album My Life, broke sales records during its six-hour inaugural run on HSN - no small feat, considering the 60,000 units were snapped up without a single customer getting so much as a whiff of the juice. The fragrance also comes with a special gift with purchase: One dollar from every sale of My Life benefits Blige's charity, Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, Inc. (FFAWN). Blige, who calls Halle Berry a beauty icon ("her skin is flawless"), says she's an unlikely condidate for perfume mogul-dom. "For years, I had trouble finding a fragrance I liked," she says. Here, Blige shares her thoughts on signature scents....

When did you become passionate about fragrance?
"Back in the day, most perfume smelled too strong for me, so I didn't wear any, but I finally found one I loved and stocked up on it. Every time I wore it, women would ask me what it was and I still have never told anyone my secret. I was inspired to create My Life so I could finally share a personaly part of my life beyond my music."

Does My Life smell like your secret scent?
"They both have jasmine. I didn't think I was a floral girl, by Lisa Price, the founder of beauty brand Carol's Daughter, with whom I collaborated on the fragrance, told me it was the jasmine in my favorite scent that was making me go crazy for it. As a result, jasmine is a heart note. My Life is soft, with notes of pear and gardenia, but still bold, with a woody base."

Side bar: "I keep My Life Mary J. Blige Eau de Parfum Rollerball in my purse - it's perfect for all of the travel I do... I layer my lotion [My Life Mary J. Blige Body Lotion] on top of the shower gel - it's crazy how much I love this scent." -Mary J. Blige

(Johnson, Janna. "Beauty Insider: High Note." Elle. Jan. 2011)

My Life Perfume, Mary J Blige, Elle
Elle Magazine - December 2010
Mary J. Blige My Life Fragrance

Beauty It List

High Note
The white freesia and apricot flower-infused My Life Mary J. Blige Eau de Parfum is much like the singer herself: confident, feminine, and in demand.

My Life Mary J. Blige Eau de Parfum, $55,

(Fodor, Ashley. "Beauty: It List." Elle. Jan. 2011)

My Life Perfume, InStyle
InStyle Magazine - September 2010
Mary J. Blige My Life Perfume

On My Mind: Mary J. Blige
The chart topper on finding a fragrance, one-stop shopping, and swooning over shoes.

Signature scent... "My new perfume, My Life, is named after on of the most important albums of my career. I paid attention to what women are searching for in a fragrance. The ingredients include freesia, jasmine, wood, sesame and praline. You can wear it anytime - day or night." --Mary J. Blige

My Life eau de parfum, $55 / 3.4 oz.;

(Shanahan, Christina. "On My Mind: Mary J. Blige." InStyle. Sept. 2010)

My Life Perfume, Glamour
Glamour Magazine - September 2010
My Life Perfume Mary J. Blige

Beauty: New Stuff You'll Love

Match the star to her scent: We gave readers our seven favorite new celeb fragrances (minus their labels) to guess whose was whose just by sniffing. Fun!

Cheat sheet: Our testers chose from this list of celebs: Faith Hill, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Celine Dion, and Fergie

My Life perfume:
Her guess: Mary J. Blige. "The scent is bold and feminine, just like Mary. It made me want to put on a pair of fabulous heels." She guessed right! My Life by Mary J. Blige ($55,

("Match the star to her scent." Glamour. Sept. 2010)

My Life Fragrance, Family Circle
Family Circle Magazine - September 2010
My Life Mary J. Blige Perfume

Style News - Heaven Scent
Try one of these fresh fragrances. The pretty bottle may catch your eye, but one whiff will keep you spraying all season long.

My Life by Mary J. Blige, $55
A fruity-floral scent that combines fresh gardenia and pear with gold lily and apricot.

Others: Womanity by Thierry Mugler, pureDKNY

(Katz, Dori. "Style News." Family Circle. Sept. 2010)

My Life Perfume, Marie Claire
Marie Claire Magazine - August 2010
Mary J Blige My Life Perfume

Final Look: In the Bag
R & B powerhouse Mary J. Blige nixed the drama long ago. Here, she gives us the 411 on her purse.

My Life perfume:
"Women were my inspiration for this scent. It has a softness to it because sometimes we feel soft, but there's also a fruitiness for when you're feeling edgy and want someone to want to, like, lick your arm. There's a toughness, too, which are the wood notes - it shows people that we're the full package.

("In the Bag." Marie Claire. Aug. 2010)

My Life Perfume, Allure
Allure Magazine - August 2010
My Life Fragrance Mary J Blige

Inspiration: Mary J. Blige
[Mary J. Blige] cofounded the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, which supports women's career development, self-esteem, and education through scholarships... "My Life was the name of the album that started my women's-empowerment movement," she says, "so I wanted to make [this fragrance] for women." Known for wearing her heart on her sleeve no matter what she's going through, Blige asked that the perfume come in a heart-shaped bottle. "So many women are all heart", she says. And in her case, also a little grit.

Life in a Bottle
Mary J. Blige partnered with Carol's Daughter to create My Life, a fragrance with notes of gardenia, pear, freesia, and sesame. "It's the epitome of a confident woman," says Blige. The $55 fragrance will be available exclusively through HSN starting July 31. One dollar from each purchase will be donated to the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, a charity cofounded by Blige.

("Inspiration." Allure. Aug. 2010)

My Life Fragrance Card
HSN Direct Mail - July 2010
My Life Perfume Mary J Blige

My Life: Mary J. Blige
Presented by Carol's Daughter
Exclusive Fragrance Premiere Saturday July 31 (keyword: MJB)

Strong. Confident. Enduring.
Celebrate the journey of a lifetime with My Life the new fragrance from Mary J. Blige presented by Carol's Daughter. A lyrical composition of fragrant notes, this captivating fragrance evokes the intrigue and complexity of her evolution, strength, soul and passion.
It's her only she can tell it.

("My Life Mary J. Blige." HSN. July 2010)

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