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Outspoken by Fergie, is the Black Eyed Pea's singer's first celebrity fragrance launched October 2010 by Avon. Available in 50ml EDP, 150ml Body Lotion, 75ml Body Spray, 75ml Body Mist, 0.6g Solid Perfume Pendant. The perfume is for gal who is "fearless, true to herself and her beliefs", says Fergie.

Fergie, Outspoken Perfume Outspoken Perfume, Fergie
Celebrity Fergie
Perfume House Avon Products, Inc.
Introduced 2010
Scent Classification Floral Fruity
Fragrance Notes Top - Star Fruit, Iced Berry, Wild Saffron
Heart - Tuberose, Passion Flower, Midnight Jasmine
Base - Racy Black Leather, Warm Ebony Wood, Smoky Vetiver Root
Perfumer Laurent Le Guernec
Package Designer --
Print Campaign --
TV Campaign --

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Fergie Outspoken Perfume, Cosmo
Fergie Outspoken Fragrance, Cosmo Oct 2010
Fergie (Stacy Ferguson)
Outspoken by Fergie Fragrance, InStyle
Outspoken by Fergie Fragrance, InStyle Oct 2010
Fergie (Stacy Ferguson)
Outspoken Perfume, Fergie
Fergie Outspoken Perfume
Outspoken Perfume, Fergie
Outspoken by Fergie Perfume
Fergie Outspoken Fragrance Launch
Fergie Outspoken Fragrance, 2010
Fergie (Stacy Ferguson)
Fergie Outspoken Perfume Launch
Fergie Outspoken Fragrance Launch, 2010
Fergie (Stacy Ferguson)

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Outspoken by Fergie celebrity perfumes
InStyle Magazine - November 2010
Outspoken by Fergie

Beauty - Deals & Steals
Now it's snap to wear Fergie's Outspoken all day long. This chunky locket holds a solid version of the fruity, floral fragrance.

Outspoken by Fergie solid perfume pendant; $15, avon.com.

("Beauty: Deals & Steals." InStyle Nov. 2010)

Outspoken by Fergie Fragrance, InStyle
InStyle Magazine - November 2010
Outspoken by Fergie

Beauty Talk - Fergie
Your new fragrance with Avon, Outspoken, has a note of 'racy black leather.' Did you want it to be a little dominating too?:
"I wanted it to be very rock and roll boudoir. I was thrilled when Avon contacted me about doing a perfume because my grandmother was an Avon lady. She used to have makeup parties when I was a little girl." --Fergie

Bold Notes: "It's the perfect combination of spicy and floral."

Outspoken by Fergie eau de toilette spray, $28/1.7 fl. oz.; avon.com.

(Tung, Jennifer. "Beauty Talk: Fergie." InStyle. Nov. 2010)

Outspoken by Fergie Fragrance, Glamour
Glamour Magazine - October 2010
Outspoken by Fergie

GlamAlert - When Fergie Speaks, We Listen
A perfect combination of bold, daring and sexy? There are few that fit that bill quite like Fergie. And now she's bottled it. Outspoken by Fergie, her new signature scent only from Avon, is an expression of iced berry contrasted with ultra-girlie tuberose absolute and lacy black leather. And it hits all the right notes...Say it like you mean it. Outspoken by Fergie. Exclusively for Avon.

("GlamAlert: Advertisement." Glamour. Oct. 2010)

Outspoken by Fergie Fragrance, Cosmo
Cosmopolitan Magazine - October 2010
Outspoken by Fergie Fragrance

Draw Him In With Your Scent
Studies show that fragrance can affect people in powerful ways...which got us to thinking: Is your scent attracting a specific type of guy? If you're into guys who are adventurous and uninhibited...try musky and spicy as your signature scent.

Fiercer-Than-Ever Musks
Avon Outspoken by Fergie, $28 - This edgy mix of vetiver and leather is the aroma equivalent of your hottest black leather boots.

Others: Estee Lauder Sensuous Noir, Guess Seductive

(White, Jessica R. "Draw His With Your Scent." Cosmopolitan. Oct. 2010)

Fergie Outspoken Perfume, Cosmo
Cosmopolitan Magazine - October 2010
Outspoken by Fergie Perfume

Cosmo Hot Spot - Cosmopolitan Promotions
Outspoken by Fergie: Fergie's bold expression and magnetic appeal are captured in a provocative new Avon fragrance: Outspoken by Fergie. Outspoken is a bold floral fruity fragrance with a raw, sexy edge. Exclusively from Avon. shop.avon.com.

("Cosmo Hot Spot: Promotions." Cosmopolitan. Oct 2010)

Fergie Outspoken Perfume, Glamour
Glamour Magazine - September 2010
Fergie Outspoken Perfume

Beauty - New Stuff You'll Love
Match the star to her scent: We gave readers our seven favorite new celeb fragrances (minus their labels) to guess whose was whose just by sniffing. Fun!

Cheat sheet: Our testers chose from this list of celebs: Faith Hill, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Celine Dion, and Fergie.

Fergie Outspoken perfume:
Her guess: Beyonce. "The spicy notes made me think of a glamorous celeb on the town. I'm reserving this for girls' night out!" Surprise! It was Outspoken by Fergie eau de parfum spray ($28, avon.com).

("Beauty: Stuff You'll Love." Glamour. Sept. 2010)

Fergie Outspoken Fragrance, Allure
Allure Magazine - August 2010
Fergie Outspoken Fragrance

Beauty Reporter - The S.C.E.N.T.
Leave it to a rock star to mix the scent of black leather into her fragrance (does it really smell so different from brown?). We asked Fergie about her new Avon scent, Outspoken, and a few other beauty issues.

("Beauty Reporter: The Scent." Allure. Aug. 2010)

Fergie Outspoken Perfume, Marie Claire
Marie Claire Magazine - August 2010
Fergie Outspoken Avon Perfume

101 Ideas - Grunge 2.0
AVON Outspoken by Fergie Eau de Parfum Spray, $28.

("101 Ideas: Grunge 2.0." Marie Claire. Aug. 2010)

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