James Jagger Stronger With You

Vinyl actor and son of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, James Jagger, stars with actress Matilda Lutz in the new #TogetherStronger ad campaign for the new Giorgio Armani fragrance duo, Stronger With You for him and Because of You for her. Stronger with You, created by perfumer Cecile Matton, was released in June 2017 as an eau de toilette spray (1 oz, 1.7 oz, 3.4 oz / $49-$89) includes notes of cardamom, pepper, sage, vanilla, and chestnut.

Stronger With You Cologne, James Jagger
Celebrity James Jagger
Perfume House Giorgio Armani Perfumes
Introduced 2017
Scent Classification Aromatic Fougere
Fragrance Notes Top - cardamom, pink pepper, violet leaf
Heart - sage
Base - chestnut, vanilla
Perfumer Cecile Matton
Package Designer L'Oreal license
Print Campaign Model - James Jagger and Matilda Lutz
TV Campaign --

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James Jagger Stronger With You Editorial Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair - Summer 2017

That's Amore
Boy meets girl - in this case James Jagger meets Matilda Lutz - and the pair swiftly recognize they're better together. Available now, the rose and vanilla scents of Because It's You, for her, and the spicy notes of Stronger With You, for him, re-create this love story with two new fragrances, by Emporio Armani. ($69 for 1.7 oz.; giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com)

PHOTO: Behind the scenes of Emporio Armani's new fragrance campaign with James Jagger and Matilda Lutz.

(S.H.G. "Vanitites: Beauty Summer Loving." Vanity Fair Summer 2017: 47)

James Jagger Stronger With You Article
Elle - July 2017

Chemistry Set
Emporio Armani taps James Jagger and Matilda Lutz - a pair of stars with fashion in their DNA - as the faces of a new his-and-hers scent duo.

"It's easy to be excited in love when it's new and you're infatuated, right?" says actor James Jagger, with a sly smile. "But it's more challenging to keep it romantic as you develop and grow."

Jagger, who stars alongside buzzy Italian ingenue Matilda Lutz in a short film for Emporio Armani's new fragrance duet - "Because It's You" for women and "Stronger With You" for men - is talking about the story line of the campaign, which finds the two dancing on the roof of an idling New York City taxi and making out atop a vertigo-inducing, swaying construction beam. The big idea is that they're not portraying a fling, or the first heady flush of love, but rather a couple - well, the romance-novel version of a couple - reimagining their version of a wild first date. Hey, sometimes you have to shake things up.

... the brand's biggest image-building initiative by far is the scent duo. "Fragrance is the natural complement of a designer's vision," Mr. Armani says (though the maestro himself says he rarely wears the stuff). The new women's eau is laced with black cherry and Guatamalan patchouli; the men's with cedar, chestnut, and pink pepper. They're conceived to be worn in tandem on a couple, maybe even to share a vanity shelf.

... London-raised Jagger - yes, that Jagger; his mom is Jerry Hall - broke out in his role as a bad-boy British rocker on the short-lived HBO series Vinyl (next up, playing a tech titan who's due for a topple in the indie 7X7). Like Lutz, he now calls L.A. home: "You make a lot of plans and drive around here. It's not like London, where you can go from having a pint at the local and end up at a dance club at 4 A.M." The actor showed up on set wearing all black, plus blinding cerulean socks, something of a signature hue, evidently - last year he married his longtime girlfriend, artist Anoushka Sharma, in a teal corduroy suit.

(Corcoran Harel, M. "Chemistry Set." Elle July 2017: 132-133)

James Jagger Stronger With You Editorial
Marie Claire - June 2017

Vanity Files
The latest in makeup, skincare, and hair

The stars of Armani's latest fragrance campaign share their thoughts on the new scents - and other aromas.

On Armani Because It's You, for her:
LUTZ - "The combination of vanilla, rose, and musk is so appealing."
JAGGER - "It has a subtle hint of raspberry that's sophisticated without being too sweet."

On Armani Strong With You, for him:
LUTZ - "I usually wear men's fragrance, so it wasn't unusual for me to love this; the spices in it are memorable."
JAGGER - "It has a fresh woody and spicy note that I find very elegant."

Home fragrance:
LUTZ - "I have Diptyque candles everywhere; the Figuier and Baies are my favorites."
JAGGER - "I like to burn Japanese incense."

Sexiest scents:
LUTZ - "I just returned from Morocco, and they use rose oil in almost everything; it's the sexiest scent."
JAGGER - "Petrol - no joke. I'm a huge motorbike, motor-sports, and car junkie."

EMPORIO ARMANI Because It's You Eau de Parfum, $69 (armanibeauty.com)

(Goldstein, J. "Vanity Files." Marie Claire June 2017: 89)

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Stronger With You Cologne - James Jagger

Stronger With You lives in the present, molded by the energy of modernity. Unpredictable, he surprises with his originality, like the spicy accord in the top notes - a mix of cardamom, pink peppercorn, and violet leaves. The fragrance for men has inherited a confident elegance, with the easy nonchalance of youth, conveyed by the sage at his aromatic heart. The scent communicates with sensuality: the smoky Vanilla Jungle Essence falls in love with the sugar coated chestnut accord, succumbing to his magnetism: STRONGER WITH YOU.

Discover the power of two with Because It's You - For Her. The two fragrances have an alliance that balance & empower each other, as symbol of powerful love.

Charming, mysterious, confident. Fragrance for him with notes of Pink Pepper, Crystalized Chestnut and Sage
Top Note - Tender Sage
Heart Note - Pepper and Cardamom
Base Note - Vanilla and Chestnut
(Source: giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com, July 2017)

Learn more at giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com

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